Information on becoming a V.I.P.

Why become a V.I.P. to is a non-profit organization which thrives on a community that enjoys ambient music. Alex Hephaestion is extremely passionate about his work and believes that his mixes should be freely listened to. In fact, Alex encourages everyone who listens to Ambient Nights to check out the various artists presented in the mixes. Alex's focus has primarily been to "educate" the public on the genre of ambience. With all of that being said, it costs money to host a website such as this. Becoming a V.I.P. shows your dedication to the continued operation of this website and the tracker to keep Alex's mixes alive.

How much should I donate?

Every little bit helps! You should donate an amount that you are comfortable with. We're not in this for the money, but surely appreciate the help with alleviating some of the costs to keep this organization going. To give you an idea, we generally pay £275 per year for webhosting/bandwidth and £15 per year for the domain name. We've been very fortunate that our costs have been completely paid for this past year due to generous donations!

What does my donation go towards?

As mentioned above, we incur costs to keep the website, forum, and tracker alive and kicking. All donations are used to pay our bills. Absolutely none of the money goes towards to the production of the music itself as Alex feels very strongly about keeping the mixes free and doesn't want to make any profit. If all of our costs are paid for, we hold on to the donations for future costs and upgrades to make this an even better place for members and new visitors.

What benefits do I have for donating?

If you donate at least £10.00, you will become a "V.I.P. Member" which grants the following:

  • Early release availability for new mixes (at least 3 days before public release)
  • Ability to download new releases via a 3.2mbit/second dedicated connection. (Average download time ~3 minutes)
  • Access to special V.I.P. ONLY ambient mixes (2 per year)

  • Access to a special V.I.P. Lounge section of the discussion forum.
  • Ability to influence the future productions of the website, Alex's Mixes, etc.

How do I donate to

Our main form of donation is through Paypal since the information is secure and verified. If you are unable to donate using this method, please contact me and we can work something out: 

NOTE: After sending your donation, you will receive an e-mail within 10 hours which will include your personalized login information. Unfortunately, we no longer can auto-notify our members of the login information until received by our staff.

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