A little about me

Let me start by stating that I am not a professional DJ or musician, just a lover of good music regardless of genre.

At schools a kid I listened to Electro, specifically the Streetsounds Electro Mix Albums; moving onto Eighties Hip Hop when at College in Birmingham where I had the first Hip Hop DJ spot in the College Student Bar. I also developed a love for Acid Jazz including Talkin’ Loud and Straight no Chaser labels.

I was lucky enough to attend University in New England USA, catching the new “Britpop” invasion and managing to see many gigs by groups such as Blur, The Charlatans, EMF, Jesus Jones, the Happy Mondays etc. I spent my days off in Boston, digging through the jazz of Blue Note.

Back in Nineties UK, I caught up with the House Music scene, particularly developing a love of Progressive House when DJ Sasha ruled. Finding employment in the Hospitality Industry, I was able to buy my beloved set of Technics 1210 Turntables and start producing my own Mixtapes.

Moving onto the 21st Century, my Turntables and Record Collection were replaced with family life, and music took a back burner for a while.

My career took a new direction, finding a calling in Education. This also bought to me a new musical direction as I discovered the online music of DJ River, Blue Mars Ambient Radio, Hearts of Space and Alex@Ambient Nights. My love of Ambient/Electronic grew, and I found more inspiration from the work of Lowlight, Tonepoet and Headphone Commute.

I was honoured when one of my musical heroes, Alex@ Ambient Nights, asked me to become part of the family, and gave me an outlet for my mixes.

Stella Septentrionalis (North Star) is heavily influenced by Blue Mars Radio and Alex’s own Sol-System series - an ambient/electronic/beatless journey through inner and outer space, conjuring up images of planets and star systems yet to be discovered.

Amoris et Lucis (Love and Light) is a more spiritual journey, influenced by Alex’s own Ethni-City series - a more organic soundscape, offering time and space fore for relaxation and reflection.

Northenstar works on two series:

Stella Septentrionalis

Amors et Lucis

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He has also his own mixcloud area, so take a look

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