DJ Seroton - Unwind Vol. 31

Total time: 00 hour 59 minutes, 57 seconds


This mix was inspired by the the 5th track (More Than Nothing), and is centered around our desire to sometimes “turn back the hands of the clock” and do something we missed out on doing. Even though the song describes a man’s regret for not pursuing a relationship, I’d like to think of this idea more generically to include everything we procrastinate or never get to do that we later wish we would have done, or at least tried! The lesson here is that we can’t possibly predict all the things that will come our way. That’s why we should adopt a bias towards action and a tolerance towards failure.

Musically, this mix was by far the most time-consuming 1-hour mix I’ve ever created! It almost burnt me out trying to perfect all aspects of the mix, especially the first mashup, track 13, which is made up of two equally amazing songs by DeYarmond Edison and All India Radio.


01  Rob Fleming – First Light

02  Rhythm Of Mankind & Nature – Between Space And Time

03  Aleksey Chistilin – Mood (DJ Seroton Edit)

04  Erik Wøllo – A Sublime Place (Excerpt)

05  Mansions on the Moon feat. Codi – More Than Nothing

06  Fort Road – Fluke (Subsets Remix)

07  Equal Stones & Endless Melancholy – Disappear in Light

08  Ioflow – Impermanence

09  Barcelona – Please Don’t Go

10  Green Sun – The First Birth

11  Erik Håkansson – Summer Vibe (Chill version)

12  Andrew Lahiff – Ascending to the Dream Horizon (Excerpt)

13  DeYarmond Edison vs. All India Radio – Lucky My Whole Life Long
     (DJ Seroton Mashup)

14  Constance Demby – Eternal Return (Unfolding, Enfolding, Return) (DJ Seroton Edit)

15  Brian Keane & Omar Faruk Tekbilek – Desert Twilight

16  Michael Bublé – Always on My Mind

17  The Eager Seas vs. Helios – You Gave Me Clementine (DJ Seroton Mashup)

18  Ensoul – Fire

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