DJ Seroton - Unwind Vol. 30

Total time: 01 hour 00 minutes, 29 seconds


I often get asked why I keep putting time and energy into crafting these mixes. For some time, the answer has eluded me and all I can think of is “everyone’s gotta have a hobby, right?”. But lately, I’ve tried to pay attention to the motivations that get me to set down for one of those hours-long mixing sessions and the kind of feelings I get throughout one.

And then it hit me!

Besides my love for this kind of music, there’s an enormous pleasure and sense of pride that I derive from 1) discovering two equally amazing and complementary songs with similar notes and 2) meticulously mixing them in a way that is so seamless you would think they are “long lost friends that have finally found each other”, as DJTechTools resoundingly puts it.

In no previous mix is this clearer than this one. Starting on track 7, I’ve overlaid track 8 at a halfway point, and did a similar thing with track 9. Finally, track 10 is a wonderful little mashup of two “long lost friends” that just makes sense rhythmically and lyrically.

I’m just very proud of this mix and I hope you enjoy it too.


01  All India Radio – Solstice

02  Norah Jones – Come Away With Me

03  Cliff Martinez – Wrong Floor (Excerpt)

04  Brian Eno – And Then So Clear

05  The Quiet After – Landing On Barren Earth

06  Aaron Zigman – Will You Wait For Me? (My Sister’s Keeper Soundtrack)

07  Ólafur Arnalds – Ljósið

08  Allie Moss – Wait It Out (Wish I Was Here Soundtrack)

09  Secret Garden – Sometimes When It Rains (DJ Seroton Edit)

10  Erothyme vs. Bliss – Gratuitous Thank You (DJ Seroton Mashup)

11  Blank & Jones – Warm Weather (Norderney Version)

12  Erik Wøllo – Sounds Of The Seen, Part II

13  Bill Laswell – One Love (People Get Ready)

14  Sunsphere – Sunlight

15  Apple & Stone – Crying Emotions

16  Gary B – Time To Slow It Down

17  Andrew Lahiff – Stellar Gateway (Excerpt)

18  LastEDEN – Cold Fingers

19  DJ Rostej – Sad Sea

20  Adam Fielding – These Small Victories (DJ Seroton Edit)

21  Solarstone & Betsie Larkin – Where Do We Go from Here

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