DJ Seroton - Unwind Vol. 22

Total time: 01 hour 01 minutes, 12 seconds


This is a guest mix on DI.FM long running chillout radio show ‘Solitudes hosted by Martin Grey. I personally love his show and the style of the music featured on his show, so if you like Unwind mixes chances are you will like ‘Solitudes’ mixes too.

While Unwind (Vol 12) was previously themed around being in solitude (and how good that can be to you every once in a while), I also wanted this mix to have the same kind of “secluded” mellow style as the first one. It features several tracks from different films that I enjoyed watching, including The Pursuit Of Happyness, Trance and The Crimson Wing / Mystery of the Flamingos.


01  Andrea Guerra – Possibly (“The Pursuit Of Happyness” Soundtrack)

02  The Cinematic Orchestra Feat. Lou Rhodes – Crimson Skies
     (“The Crimson Wing / Mystery of the Flamingos” Soundtrack)

03  Lauge&Baba Gnohm – Structures 

04  Helios – A Mountain Of Ice 

05  Transa – Timeless 

06  Hiatus Feat. Shura – Fortune’s Fool 

07  Roman Pavlov – Gentleness (DJ Seroton Edit) 

08  Kirsty McGee – Sandman (I’ll Be There) (“Trance” Soundtrack) 

09  Hammock – Glacial 

10  Rosario Dawson & Rick Smith – Sandman (I’ll be There) (“Trance” Soundtrack) 

11  The Cinematic Orchestra – Hatching (“The Crimson Wing / Mystery of the Flamingos”

12  Kelly Sweet – We Are One 

13  Rick Smith – Solomon (“Trance” Soundtrack) 

14  Owen Ear – Drawing in the Snow (DJ Seroton Edit) 

15  Jason Tyrello – What The Memories Say 

16  Kajis – Sands Of Anguilla (Original Chill Mix) 

17  Helios – Dragonfly Across an Ancient Sky 

18  Meadows – Where The Wild Winds Blow

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