DJ Seroton - Unwind Vol. 19

Total time: 01 hour 08 minutes, 16 seconds


One of my inspirations that continuously fuel my ‘Unwind’ mix series is a weekly radio show called Quitemusic, produced and hosted by the talented and veteran Nick Francis. I love the overall laid-back style of the show and I wanted to create a mix more or less along the same lines. I’m quite happy with how this one turned out. It’s kind of a new style that I just might mix more of in future releases.


01  Aqualung – Arrivals

02  Blank & Jones – From N’Ney With Love

03  Henschkeschlott Feat. Pascal Von Wroblewsky – Good Thing

04  haruka nakamura – Sign

05  Aleksey Chistilin – The Feeling of Fly

06  P!nk – Glitter In The Air (DJ Seroton Edit)

07  Secret Garden – Hymn To Hope (DJ Seroton Edit)

08  Enya – Watermark

09  Honeyroot – Falling

10  A.R. Rahman – Frankie’s Burning Desire (DJ Seroton Edit) (From “People Like Us”
     Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

11  Deepak Chopra – My Burning Heart

12  Madonna – Bittersweet

13  Deepak Chopra – Intoxicated By Love

14  Seon Feat. Ekaterina – Under The Moon (Full Moon Mix)

15  Code Indigo – Galileo (DJ Seroton Edit)

16  Dido – Honestly OK Fiona 

17  Joy Hawkins – Love In The Refrigerator (DJ Seroton Edit)

18  Stephen Simmonds – Where Is My Love

19  Painted Water – Ilana’s Mansion

20  David Lanz – Wings To Altair

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