DJ Seroton - Unwind Vol. 17

Total time: 00 hour 57 minutes, 34 seconds


One of my all-time favorite Chillout music producers, Ryan Farish, has coined a term that describes exactly the kind of Chillout music I like to listen to and mix: Positive Chillout. I’ve used this style of music extensively in past ‘Unwind’ mixes, and this release is just as “positively chilled” as the others. What’s new in this release, however, is that I’ve started experimenting with heavier edits on tracks I use. The reason for this is to keep the mix interesting and appropriately vary the mood of the mix by cutting some tracks short and letting other tracks run their full length. Another reason for this is to set myself apart from other similar DJs who might simply put together a quick Chillout mix by fading in/out some 14 tracks to make up an hour of music.

Good For

While this mix does not explore any particular theme, it does have an overall positive, fun and mostly upbeat mood to it, especially in its first half. The second half gradually progresses into more mellow atmosphere that ends beautifully with 3 of A. R. Rahman’s amazing tracks taken from the soundtrack of “People Like Us” 2012 film. Overall, I’d say the mix is great for times when you’re feeling happy and content and you want to listen to music that reinforces this mood.


01  Ryan Farish – Arrival of Spring (DJ Seroton Edit)

02  Ryan Miller – Popped Collar (From “Safety Not Guaranteed” Original Motion Picture

03  Vicary – Mirror

04  Moby – Wait For Me

05  Toltec – Ray Of Hope (Inverse Ratio Chillout Mix)

06  Pochill – Violet Theme

07  Alexei Zakharov Feat. Alex Alpidovsky – Linger

08  Mono – Life in Mono

09  Omar Akram – A Vision Of You (DJ Seroton Edit)

10  Tino Izzo – One Hundred Years Of Solitude

11  Ryan Farish – Touch the Sky

12  Rhythm Of Mankind & Nature – In The Depth

13  Lighthouse Family – You Always Want What You Haven’t Got

14  Hasta La Otra México! – Chantelear Nibor (DJ Seroton Edit)

15  Coldplay – Reign Of Love

16  A.R. Rahman – Tacos (From “People Like Us” Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

17  Reuben Halsey – Running Home

18  A.R. Rahman – People Like Us (From “People Like Us” Original Motion Picture

19  A.R. Rahman – Breakfast For Mom / Just Be People (From “People Like Us” Original
     Motion Picture Soundtrack)

20  John H. Clarke – Tierra

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