DJ Seroton - Unwind Vol. 13

Total time: 01 hour 06 minutes, 19 seconds


One of my favorite albums in the Unwind series, which also happens to be my most popular one on Mixcloud, is Unwind (Vol 3). For this 13th volume, to celebrate 10 amazing releases since Vol 3, I decided to create sort of a similar downtempo mix with heavy influence from Classical music. This volume also contains, for the first time ever, a Middle Eastern composition by Egyptian composer Amr Ismail.

Good For

This mix is best played when you need to really unwind and have something that’s pure slow and dreamy playing in the background.


01  Kaledj – Sweet Tought

02  Chris Spheeris – Remember Me

03  Alexandre Desplat – My Kingdom, My Rules

04  Alexandre Desplat – Queen Elizabeth

05  Kamil Wrona – Hibernation

06  Bliss – Dunia

07  The Thrillseekers – Synaesthesia (Orchestral Version)

08  Alexandre Desplat – Memories of Childhood

09  Thomas Newman – Any Other Name

10  Secret Garden – When Darkness Falls

11  Yiruma – When the Love Falls

12  Amr Ismail – The Lost Dream O

13  berlokpn Rules – Into The Dawn

14  Stephane De Lucia – Trippin’

15  André Rieu – Romance For Clara

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