DJ Seroton - Unwind Vol. 12

Total time: 01 hour 02 minutes, 32 seconds


"When everything has left you, You are alone When you left everything behind that’s solitude".

These words, sampled from Schiller’s classic track Solitude, really sum up what this mix is all about. Being in a temporary solitude is not like choosing to be lonely and isolated. It’s a wonderful state of disconnecting from the stress and strains of today’s fast-paced environment and focusing your energy on things that truly matter, whether it’s simply relaxing or enjoying some freedom and privacy.


01  Alex M.O.R.P.H. – Sunset Boulevard (Purple Acoustic Mix)

02  Schiller – Solitude (DJ Seroton’s Vocal Cut)

03  Sacral Reason – Deux Coeurs

04  Painted Water – Sorrow

05  Vangelis – Movement X (Epilogue)

06  Hammock – Always Wishing You Were Somewhere Else

07  Velvet Girl And Colin Replay – Show Me The Way 
     (Domenico Cascarino & Luca Lombardi Ambient Version) 

08  Workbench – De La Terre À La Cime (I & II) 

09  Amethystium – Hymnody 

10  Hammock – Sparkle And Fade 

11  Max Melvin – Slowburn

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