DJ Seroton - Unwind Vol. 11

Total time: 01 hour 00 minutes, 48 seconds


Relationships are tough deals. They’re never easy rides. Just when we think we’ve learned enough, they turn around and throw us a curveball that tips us off our balance and makes us question some fundamental truths about our relationships.

I had this inspiration to create a mix for those of us who have loved and lost people they’ve loved for such a long time. It’s hard to describe in words the mixed feelings one would have about this kind of loss (no matter what the cause may be), but in this mix I tried to offer some kind of comfort and, more importantly, hope.


01  A.R. Rahman, Suzanne – Latika’s Theme (Slumdog Millionaire Soundtrack)

02  Tigerforest – Sunset Destination

03  De Santos – Ojos De Sol

04  John O’Callaghan – Bring Back The Sun

05  ATB – The Autumn Leaves

06  Hammock – The World We Knew As Children

07  Altair – Reminisce

08  Epic45 – We Grew Up Playing In The Fields Of England

09  John H. Clarke – Signal Urchin Rostrum

10  Andre Rieu – La Derniere Rose De L’ete

11  Painted Water – Forgiveness

12  Bliss – The World Is Lost To Me

13  Bliss – Wait And Wonder

14  Hammock – Gold Star Mothers

15  Jose Padilla – Adios Ayer

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