DJ Seroton - Unwind Vol. 04

Total time: 01 hour 12 minutes, 20 seconds


The ultimate place to relax and reflect is without a doubt up in zero-gravity space. There’s something about seeing the world, this whole planet, from a distance that makes you see how small we are, and how everything is connected to a larger scheme. Then you begin to wonder and think, is everything we’re upset about or fighting for really worth it?

This mix is my humble attempt at capturing the feeling of being on a two way journey to space. I wanted to imagine and convey what it feels like to spacewalk once up there and see the whole planet spinning right before you. What kind of thoughts would go through our minds during that magnificent instant?

To give it a memorable ending, I’ve concluded this mix with the words of the legendary Steve Jobs from his 2005 Stanford Commencement Address. It’s a rework of a beautiful mix originally created by Matt, which he released right around the time Jobs passed away.

Good For

While this mix is just as good for relaxing as all the other ones in the ‘Unwind‘ series, it’s the first that has quite a bit of inspirational spirit to it. So listen to it when you’re feeling like you’re at the end of your rope, stuck in a time or place and you can’t seem to move on.


01  Intro – Space Shuttle Launch Audio

02  Lemon Jelly – Spacewalk

03  Brian Eno – Becalmed

04  Envio – Touched By The Sun (Rusch & Elusive’s Chill Out Mix)

05  El LCD – Snö På Hissingen (CBL Carbonator Remix)

06  Alpha Wave Movement – Suspended In The Hanging Garden

07  Longview – Can’t Explain (Ulrich Schnauss Vocal Remix)

08  Enigma – The Cross Of Changes

09  Bliss – Blissful Moment

10  ATB – Stars Come Out

11  The Light Of Aidan – Snowbird (Feat. Zia Williams)

12  Mark Knopfler – Whistle Theme (Local Hero Soundtrack)

13  Mark Knopfler – Going Home (Local Hero Soundtrack)

14  Honeyroot – Freeway

15  Kevin MacLeod – Eternal Hope (MattsMac’s Tribute to Steve Jobs Mix)

16  W&D Project – Sunrise (Beauty Morning Mix)

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