DJ Seroton - Drifter Vol. 07

Total time: 01 hour 00 minutes, 41 seconds


This mix is the second leg of my collaboration with the talented musician and Ambient artist Tonepoet, the first of which was on Drifter (Vol 6).

We’ve given this mix the title of “As the World Comes into Focus”. It’s essentially an exploration of our inner senses as we drift in and out of consciousness. You may recognize this feeling from a time when you drifted off to sleep and then brought back somehow to faint awakening, only to drift back afterwards into a peaceful and restful sleep.

If you enjoyed this mix and the last, be sure to check out the rest of the Drifter Ambient mix series. Also, don’t forget to check out and follow Tonepoet. He’s been creating and mixing Ambient music for a long time and I’m sure you’ll like many of his earlier releases. You may find him on:

His website





Tracklist Part 1: 

01  Tonepoet Woob – Stranger 

02  Air (Error #1) – Repurpose

03  Umber – Öpik-Oort

04  Aural Method – As I Awoke…

05  Pseudosphère – Aperception III

06  Monk By The Sea – Lighthouse

07  Good Weather For An Airstrike – Awaiting Your Arrival

08  Ben Lovett – Surrender (Sun Don’t Shine Soundtrack)

09  Tonepoet – Within My Mind An Ocean Appears

10  Tonepoet – Things Left Unsaid

11  Umber feat. Good Weather For An Airstrike – Sunshine 

12  Youth Brambles – To Speak Of Solitude

Tracklist Part 2: 

13  DJ Seroton Aaron Zigman – Anna On The Floor (My Sister’s Keeper Soundtrack)

14  Bing Satellites – Soothing Image 46 

15  Bing Satellites – Dark Clouds 

16  Adham Shaikh & Tim Floyd – Portals (Part II) 

17  Jonson – Reason of Senses 

18  Otto A Totland – Seveen 

19  Stars Of The Lid – I Will Surround You 

20  Ben Woods – The Brightest Lights in the Darkest Skies

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