Welcome to the Ambient-Nights site!

The Ambient-Nights project was started in 2003 and is still going strong.

We offer a large collection of ambient mixes (60+ Minutes Each) in a continuous stream for your enjoyment. Feel free to browse around the site listen, download, and enjoy what the Ambient Nights Team has been able to create!

News, release info etc. is on the News page 

We bring you many public series and one series exclusive for V.I.Ps:

Ambient-Nights The Named Series is a unique collection of music gathered from Ambient and New Age genres, presented in a "non-stop" listening format.

Ambient-Nights The Firsts Series was the start of Ambient-Nights journey and is a unique collection of music gathered from Ambient and New Age genres, presented in a "non-stop" listening format.

The Ambient-Nights [Sol System] and [Sol System][Moons] series is a collection of ambient mixes with the common theme revolving around planets and moons that are orbiting within our solar system.
Ethni-City series focuses on the ambient genre from all countires around the globe and highlights a wide range of world music. Each mix is part of a story that tells of a young man called Oushie and his visit to the great city of Ethni and its surrounding districts.

Club Nights is a project from Ambient-Nights that includes non-stop dance style music, typically found in night-clubs or pre-venue establishments such as inns and pubs.

Brighton Beach is a series created by Ambient-Nights that highlights the feel of summer, sea, surf and sand. A mixture of relaxing downtempo tracks that blend into a gentle background noise of rolling waves and the smell of Ice-Cream and Candy Floss.

Berlin is a genre of ambient known for its electronic sounds its grand soundscapes of synthesised music. Artists and Composers like Tangerine Dream, Ahsra or Pyramid Peak have produced wonderful pieces that wash over the listener transporting them away from reality. This Series offers up fine examples of this style of ambient for your listening pleasure.

Ambient-Nights Mind Boggling are a set of mixes with one specific theme incorporating various styles of ambient allowing the listener to make a journey of discovery that will take them from Cloud One all the way to Cloud Nine.

Ambient-Nights The Love of Disco Series are going to be a reminder for those members who used to swing those hips on the dance floor in the early 70's and 80's

Ambient-Nights The Sweet Spot Series are going to be named after classic sweets available in the UK and no doubt many of you will remember these yummy sugary goodies

Ambient-Nights VIP Mixes are a set of mixes made exclusively for our VIP Members and are not restricted to any one style of ambient but, instead covering a multitude of musical expressions.

The Love of Disco

Mind Boggling


Ambient-Nights Titled

Ambient-Nights Firsts


The Sweet Spot

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Brighton Beach




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