A Note From Alex...

I like to class myself as an average guy with average likes and dislikes. I am not really politically minded as power and greed never really appealed to me (I leave that to the politicians). Music though, I love. All types as long as it has some structure to it. I have never been able to feel really comfortable with abstract or aggressive, in your face music. I suppose that's because I spend a lot of my time trying to be Mellow, (to coin a 70's saying), a word I prefer to “chilled” which has a distinct eerie feel to it.

How did I start mixing the Ambient Nights CD's? It was more by chance than anything else as I was in the process of mixing Club Nights CD3 another set of mixes for pre-club listening when I noticed that I had a huge number of ambient tracks. That first encounter with ambient music (CD1) was the start of a road on which I am still traveling along today, learning more as I travel onwards. The main idea of these mixes was to put together tracks that blended well with each other. Not necessarily sounding the same but feeling the same or have a complimentary emotion to them.

I have found that ambience more than any other music is about placing the right emotions in the right places otherwise something akin to a half finished jigsaw appears and the mix doesn't flow but jolts onto the next piece, which in my opinion is frustrating if you want to just lay on the couch and “mellow out”. I have found also that nature's music is one of the most versatile yet complicated music forms around on this earth as it covers countless styles all of which have a separate emotional switch which is push to the “on” position when a human walks into hearing distance. Hence as you have no doubt noticed more and more of her sounds are being used in the mixes to compliment those made by humans.

Before I sign off I would like to take this opportunity to thank Marc otherwise known as “Ishtumba” (I like the name its got a ring to it don't you think?) for taking the time to construct the first sites, without whom there would be no web-space. Don't be mistaken he isn't “geekish” at all. On the contrary it was he who sent me a track which was the sole inspiration Ambient Nights CD4 and for which I am indebted to him. Thanks Ishtumba.

I am always happy to answer questions. There is a section set-up in the forum for this so feel free to ask. May all your days be “Mellow” ones.


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